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Valleygem CandyCane and Valleygem Buddy

Very stable reliable dog great with small kids .
Has good guarding ability and protective instincts in his yard and of his family , he adores kids and is protective .
He is very good with all other children and has been taken to kindy pickups with loads of children all over him he is completely safe boy in all situations with children .
He also can climb up on trampoline with kids to play quite a character
loves balls and water
Clean toilet trained , crate trained , walks well on leash ,sit down stay .
is reliable off leash .
Yago is bred from AI Imported Semen CAN 1992.
He is a Very :Large male already 45kg will mature over 50kg .
Yaygo is 73cm at shoulder now.
He is a very Good natured boy and has been constantly with children and also with elderly.
Yaygo is capable of protection training as has very good grip naturally and drives suitable for training .
Both his brothers are doing Protection Sports .
Both are very stable dogs great with people and children.
Yaygo has been around livestock and can be off leash trustworthy . He can run nice;ly off a twin pram down roads and bush trails He is a easy dog to have around and is very affectionate natured.
Please Call Cheryl for enquires.
Pictures on puppy page , videos can be supplied on request.

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Dam Valleygem Candy Cane and Sire Valleygem Buddy

Expected around: 08/2019

About this litter:

The living tanker Candy Cane and Buddy the coolest dude dog being mated June 2019 .
expecting puppies late August 2019 .
Please call Cheryl for enquires .

Sire: Valleygem Buddy

Buddy is super social stable male he is only just 13 mths but very good development .
Buddy can be taken anywhere he has been to nurisng homes , waits outside of busy shopping centres , goes in lifts esculators with kids and trolley in tow busy beaches with hundreds of people and dogs , he can wait on beach whilst i surf he is safe with all other animals and small children a very safe sound male a go anywhere do anything dog very reliable easy to train has very good ball drive and loves the water he is robust and compact in style and filling out to be a very thick set boy .
Buddy is a pleasure to own and live with he is quiet and well mannered and a favouraite to all that meet him .

To view the pedigree click Valleygem Sires

Dam: Valleygem Candy Cane

Candy Cane is a large substancial female she is great mum and very good with other females pups of all ages .
candy is very easy to manage . she is very willing to please her handler .
Candy has good protection ability but is safe in public out and about .
she is exceptional with small children and easily managed around other pets nature and animals .
very easy dog to train and manage both dogs have good food and toy drives .Candy has recently produced 11 pups and threw very exceptional strong solid boned progeny to Valleygem Frank Tank.
Very good converters grow very well and always look chunky and well rounded good doers always look very well fed not fussy or fine rangy dogs very thick solid.

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